2023 USJOC Weigh-In Procedure

All weigh-ins will be at the Jim Norick Arena, the same location as the tournament.

Wrestlers can only weigh in during their designated weigh-in time. See flyers for a detailed weigh-in schedule.

All weigh-ins will be on the wrestling floor. NO PARENTS OR COACHES ARE ALLOWED ON THE WRESTLING FLOOR DURING WEIGH-IN. Make arrangements for how your wrestler can find you after the weigh-in. 6U and 7U Girls will weigh in the lobby area to the right of the main arena entrance.

The arena will be cleared after weigh-in and doors will reopen at 11:30 am for Thursday’s session. We are not responsible for items left behind, which may be confiscated by arena staff during breaks and overnight.

All wrestlers need to get their weigh-in card BEFORE weighing in, at their designated card table organized by group/division (i.e., 6U). Look for signage around the arena directing you to where these tables will be. Double entries (e.x., Open 8u and Novice 8u) do not need to get both cards and only need to weigh in one time, even if wrestling in different groups.

Wrestlers must weigh in their competition singlet, including both pieces if wrestling in a two-piece singlet.

Wrestlers, with their weigh-in card(s), can weigh in on any scale and have until the end of the weigh-in time to weigh.

Officials will be verifying weight and examining for skin conditions at the scale. Wrestlers with a skin condition will need a recent doctor’s note verifying the condition is not, or is no longer, contagious in order for the wrestler to wrestle. Wrestlers must present a doctor’s note at the weigh-in or they are subject to be removed from their bracket.

Wrestlers will be sent back to their parents if their fingernails are not trimmed. Please trim fingernails ahead of time.

Headgear is optional. Mouth braces guards are required and must be presented at the weigh-in.

After weighing in, MAKE SURE YOUR WRESTLER HAS LEFT THEIR WEIGH IN the CARD AT THE SCALE THEY MADE the WEIGHT AT AND HAS A USJOC STAMP ON THEIR ARM. This is how we enter the weight and verify your wrestler has weighed in.

Coaches’ passes should be picked up during Thursday morning or evening weigh-ins. Look for “Coaches Check In” table in section 300.

Admission tickets and floor passes can be purchased during the weigh-in. Cash, credit, and debit accepted at
ticket office.

Daily: $20 (Ages 16+) $10 (Ages 6-15) Free (Ages 5 and under)
All Sessions: $50 (Ages 16+) $25 (Ages 6-15)
Floor Passes: $60